Razor Brand Billie Is Encouraging Women To Flaunt Their Facial Hair

billie movember

Since its start, the razor brand Billie has been on a mission to destigmatize female body hair. They were the first brand to ever show actual body hair in a shaving ad and continue to position shaving as a choice, not an expectation. But Billie's latest campaign takes on previously untapped territory, even for a brand as progressive as they are: women's mustaches.

As October comes to a close, Billie announced the launch of their Movember campaign, in which they'll make donations for every woman who grows out her mustache. Movember has been around since 2003 and has blossomed into a global movement for men's health awareness. Here's how it works: Throughout the month of November, men are encouraged to grow out their mustaches while making donations to combat men’s health issues like prostate and testicular cancers.

Billie's campaign will also donate to these causes, but they're now opening to door for women to join in. After all, tons of women have visible facial hair — many just go to extreme lengths to remove it. “Of all the places women grow hair, the upper lip seems to be the one most rarely talked about and the most taboo,” Georgina Gooley, co-founder of Billie, said in a statement. “We're excited to make it the hero of our latest campaign and put our hair to good use in the name of a good cause.”

The campaign announcement was made via a video shared on the brand's social platforms, and it features women of all shapes and sizes showing off their mustaches. “Newsflash: women have mustaches,” the caption on their YouTube channel reads. “We’ve been trained to hide them – wax them, bleach them, shave them – but that doesn’t make them any less real.” In addition to the campaign encouraging women to grow out their facial hair, should they choose to, they'll also be matching 100 percent of contributions (up to $50,000) to the official Movember organization.

In the campaign video, women are seen using common hair-removal methods (including Billie razors), but ultimately choosing to highlight their mustaches by combing them with brow gel and applying lipstick. “Our hair has a very important announcement to make: Women have mustaches too,” one of the featured women says while looking at the camera. “The world may not know this because we go through a lot to hide them; we’ve been hiding them all our lives. But newsflash, we’ve got them. So this November, we're growing them out and joining in, because a 'stache is a 'stache.”

The groundbreaking campaign is a continuation of Billie's efforts to normalize female body hair. This past summer, they celebrated launched the Red, White, and You Do You Campaign, which showed women's pubic hair in bathing suits, another first.

Major props to this brand for rejecting the stigma around body hair and giving women permission to feel good in their own skin, whatever that may look like. Check out the Movember campaign below.

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