10 Body Positive Instagram Accounts To Follow For More Self-Love

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Photo: @recipesforselflove

These days, virtually everyone is aware of the concept of body positivity, and the movement has undeniably done a lot of good. However, while social media can be used to bolster and inspire positivity, unfortunately it still carries a lot of pressure, often generating feelings of envy for the “highlight reel” of other people’s lives. “You have to accept that this is the virtual version of ‘Keeping up with the Joneses,’” says body positivity expert, lifestyle blogger, and wardrobe stylist, Dasha Guyton of Windy City Wardrobe and Feminist Speakeasy.

“Then, make a conscious effort to retire from this online game by unfollowing accounts that make you feel bad and following those that share authentic wins, losses, and encouragement,” she says. Nowadays, you can even fill your feed with body positivity by following specific hashtags like #recipiesforselflove, or share in your frustrations with hashtags like #makemysize, which are challenging industries, specifically beauty and fashion, to become more inclusive.

To get going, check out our lineup of the top body positive Instagram accounts to follow below, then show them some love with a quick double tap.


“One Day I Read An Article In @OprahMagazine That Told Me I Was Too Big To Wear A Crop Top. At First I Believed It, But Now I Make My Own Rules,” writes Guyton with the hashtag #unapologeticallyme.


“Do you want to know something? I have given up on my body. I’ve ‘given up’ on my body becoming something that it was never supposed to be. I’ve ‘given up’ on my body being a measure of my value as a human being. I’ve ‘given up’ on my body being the reason why I don’t deserve happiness because I’ve always deserved it. And I’ve finally ‘let myself go’ into the world without believing that fitting into a bullshit cultural standard of beauty is all I have to offer. Here’s to letting ourselves go, I hope it feels damn good,” writes Megan Jayne Crabbe, best selling author of Body Positive Power, alongside a powerful image with negative comments.


“Inclusivity in the fitness community is something that we always need to be striving for. It’s so vital that we take active steps in addressing our biases and asking ourselves difficult questions. At the end of the day, the truth is simple — how do we make fitness and wellness environments more inclusive? By believing that the human experience comes in every flavor, with no experience counted as more worthy than another. When we shift that paradigm, sky’s the limit in terms of inclusivity,” says author and yoga instructor Jessamyn Stanley


Ericka Hart, a Black Queer Femme activist, writer, model, and sexuality educator, proudly shares images of her body exposing double mastectomy scars. We love this image captioned by positive and powerful mantras about her body.


On wearing whatever makes you feel confident, writer Virgie Tovar says: “I love tight clothes. I love them on me and on others. I don’t think some people get to wear certain things and others don’t. I don’t think rolls disqualify ANYONE of ANY size from wearing something tight and I think rolls look guuuuuuuuud in tight clothes. The tighter (and brighter) the better, I say.”

“Don’t wait to be happy. Don’t wait to live. Each second spent waiting to do something you dream of, is a second foolishly wasted,” writes Anna O’Brien, a style influencer and author of A Life Full of Glitter.


This account, run by Alison Rachelis, is full of empowering images of and for women with accompanying mantras about self-love and self-expression.


For serious style inspo, no matter your size or shape, follow Edith Dohmen of Style Has No Size. Her mantra: “Fashion is fun.”


“My passion is equipping women with the confidence to be a conduit of self love to our next generation so they may never suffer the body image issues that we have. For me, that starts with my own daughter,” writes body positive expert and proud mama Allison Kimmey.


Founded by model Tess Holliday and run by a team of body positive babes, Eff Your Beauty Standards reposts images, quotes, and memes about self-love.

Additional reporting by Holly Dawsey.