Busy Philipps Opens Up About Oversharing On Social Media

busy philipps on social media

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Having a social media account, whether as a celebrity, influencer, or average person, is part of today’s society. It gives us the freedom to share our thoughts and experiences with others we know – and even those we don’t. However, in many cases, social media accounts don’t reflect our authentic selves and instead show an image of a life far better than the one we actually live. With that said, there are still many influential people who are using the social space to craft a true online persona by sharing life’s ironies, challenges, and everyday, which is always refreshing to see. Take Busy Philipps, for example.

“It’s never occurred to me, ever, since I became a professional actor at 19 years old, to not be as honest and truthful as I could be, publicly,” Philipps told Health in their July/August issue. “Before social media and the Internet really existed, it was a lot more difficult to get across who you really were. So for me, the advent of Twitter, then Instagram and Stories was incredibly freeing, because I felt like I had a direct line to expressing exactly who I feel I am and the things that I struggle with.”

It's true. Unlike other celebrities who fill our feeds with Photoshopped images and carefully-curated snaps of illusory lifestyles, Philipps’ Instagram is full of unretouched photos, funny confessionals, and relatable moments with her family and friends. Her Twitter account tells a similar story, and we can expect to hear even more from the 39-year-old actress, as she's getting her own late-night talk show on E! network, which will reportedly feature commentary, interviews, and segments that go behind her most popular Instagram stories.

But when it comes to sharing her life with fans and followers, the mother of two says she is very conscientious. “There are definitely things that I don’t share,” she continued. “And there’s some private stuff that I don’t talk too intensely about. There’s stuff with Marc and our relationship that I don’t think is appropriate for me to put out publicly because of my children.”

This is important to keep in mind regardless of your influence or how many followers you have. Oversharing sensitive information on social media has been shown to not only affect a person’s reputation, but it can also damage their relationships in real life.

“I’ve been vocal that marriage is not easy,” she said. “And the specifics of what that is and what that means, I don’t think is super important, publicly, to get into. Everyone is working and struggling to make it work, you know?”

Lesson learned: Instead of airing your dirty laundry online, make it habit to have private conversations or resolve conflicts in person. As for the baby photos and #foodporn posts? Keep 'em coming!

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