19 Celebrity No-Makeup Selfies We Can’t Stop Staring At

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Before social media became what it is now, we rarely saw celebrities in their natural state (barring those horrible pap photos in tabloids). Instead, we were bombarded with images of our favorite stars who are dolled up to perfection on the red carpet. Of course, we love seeing these ultra-glam looks, but it's so refreshing to see celebrities without makeup.

More and more, stars are letting us into their lives through their social media accounts, proving what we all know to be true but certainly question at times: they're human. Sure, they have access to the top dermatologists and the priciest products, but they also get wrinkles and zits and dark circles just like every other human. No-makeup selfies have become a bit of a trend among celebs, and we can't get enough of their stripped down yet impossibly beautiful faces.

Here are our favorite bare-faced shots from the stars you know and love.

Alicia Keys

When it comes to celebrities without makeup, Alicia Keys is probably first to come to mind. She lives by the makeup-free concept, inspiring us with her natural beauty on the regular.

Jessica Biel

The Sinner actress posted this gorgeous no-makeup selfie in support of Kate Upton's #ShareStrong campaign, which encourages women to share what makes them feel empowered.

Drew Barrymore

Aside from her iconic films, Barrymore is known for her realness on social media. The Flower Beauty founder often shares stunning, no-makeup selfies that make us lust after her gorgeous skin.

Ashley Graham

Our body positive queen, of course, is never shy about showing her true self. This stunning shot shows off the model's natural freckles in all their glory.

Heidi Klum

Klum glows with happiness in this bared-faced shot from her honeymoon.

Winnie Harlow

This woman slays, whether she is wearing makeup or not.

Demi Lovato

Lovato's beautiful skin and natural freckles are always a blessing in our feed.

Cindy Crawford

The supermodel's bare-faced shots prove she's only getting better with age.

Christina Aguilera

Everyone was shocked when the singer-songwriter shed her signature full-beat for the camera. Just look at that face!

Kylie Jenner

Jenner may be the queen of glam looks, but she looks just as amazing without a stitch of makeup.

Jennifer Garner

The actress and mother shared this sweet selfie for her birthday, proving why she was crowned People's Most Beautiful Person of 2019.

Sarah Hyland

In addition to letting her natural curls do their thing, the Modern Family actress also shows off her fresh skin on the reg.

Jennifer Lopez

I mean, how is this woman 50?

Lady Gaga

The pop star's red carpet style is rarely minimal, but this pre-Oscars shot proves that Gaga can easily rock a no-makeup.

Gabrielle Union

We need a skin care routine, please!


Freckles are the star of the show in Kesha's up-close shot.

Chrissy Teigen

Teigen knows that vacation is the best time to go make-up free.

Gwyneth Paltrow

The actress and Goop founder cuddled up for this gorgeous no-makeup selfie, and we can't get enough.

Serena Williams

We stan.

Check back as we continue to update our list of celebrities without makeup!

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