Chrissy Teigen Is Pregnant With Her Second Child

chrissy teigen gives birth

Photo: Splash News

Supermodel, social media maven, and occasional fashion designer Chrissy Teigen has officially announced that she's pregnant with her second child. She made the announcement on Instagram (where else?) in a video that also stars her daughter Luna. “Luna, what's in here?” Teigen asks, training the camera on her stomach. “Baby,” her daughter responds. Because what better way to make a pregnancy announcement than by having a kid do it?

Of course, as sweet as it is, the announcement was not without Teigen's signature sense of humor. She captioned the video “it's john's!” to which husband John Legend responded, “Maury will have the final word on this.” As in Maury Povich. Get it?

In the past, Teigen has been open about her and Legend's struggles with infertility: “The big question was why this wasn’t working for us when I was young and he was healthy. I thought, people get pregnant by accident all the time! How does this happen?” she told Self in 2016. “Once we talked about IVF, it was like I heard everything. Some people who are close to us had done it, like, seven to ten times.”

Because IVF can allow you to choose the gender of your baby, Teigen and Legend already know their next child will be a boy, a fact she revealed on Twitter earlier this year.

No word on when Teigen's due date is, but we're sure she'll keep us posted about that and everything else baby-related through her oft-updated social media handles.