The Internet Is Shook Over David Beckham Wearing Green Eye Shadow

david beckham love cover

David Beckham has long been a style icon, but his latest move is one we didn't see coming. The 43-year-old retired soccer star is on the cover of Love Magazine wearing bright green eye shadow that matches his neck tattoos, which were highlighted for the photo. And talk about serious eye candy.

Since being posted on Monday, the cover photo has gotten over 32,000 likes (including one from his wife Victoria Beckham, of course) and countless comments. Because the athlete has never been photographed in makeup, fans are freaking out. And while some of the comments are unsurprisingly stereotypical — “women going no makeup selfies and men going makeup … what is next?” reads one — the overall response is positive. “More makeup for men,” one user wrote. “IM HERE FOR IT!” commented another.

While we may not have expected Beckham to be our next source of makeup inspo, the bold look should really come as no surprise. Aside from his athletic abilities, he’s known for being a fearless fashion icon, covered in artistic tattoos, a champion of the man bun, and the founder of a grooming line. Not to mention the fact that men wear makeup, too. It’s 2019 and we need more genderless beauty representation like this. Bravo, Beckham.