A Day In The Life Of An Exotic Pet Vet Who Treats Anacondas, Crocodiles, And Komodo Dragons (Video)

exotic snakes

Every workplace has its hazards, but getting bit by exotic pets is not typically one of them. Meet Evan Antin, an exotic and wildlife veterinarian from southern California.

“This is not your typical hospital and I’m not your typical vet,” Antin says of his job.

On a daily basis, Antin gets up close and personal, treating animals that most people will only see once or twice in their lifetimes. Some of the animals he sees include anacondas, Asian water monitors, and exotic birds, among other wildlife creatures. But, in the world of exotic pets, no two days of work are the same.

“I never know what animal I’m going to see next,” he says.

Antin credits his travels for his desire to become a wildlife vet.

“When I travel, I’m pretty much in the tropics looking for ways to work with exotics at wildlife rescues,” he says. “That’s been a huge way for me to interact and connect with these animals around the world in their natural habitats.”

exotic snakes

Besides being a vet, Antin is also passionate about educating others about wildlife and exotic animals. The veterinarian started using different forms of media to connect with and educate his audience, which ended up garnering him a pretty big social media following. In 2017, his work landed him in People Magazine for being the “sexiest veterinarian.”

“I’ve always been into working out and fitness, and if it happens to get me positive attention and social media, then that’s great,” he says.

Nonetheless, Antin remains humble about his budding fame. At the end of the day, it’s all about teaching people more about these incredible animals.

“Doing social, or television, or online digital appearances is a great way for me to outreach the public,” Antin explains.

Antin shows off a scar on his forearm that he got from being bit by a 6-foot crocodile, but that doesn’t deter him from carrying on with the work that he loves.

“I love what I do. I love being a vet,” Antin gushes. “I get to work with animals every day and making them healthy and better is extremely gratifying.”

Watch the video above to learn more about how the different animals Antin works with and how being an exotic pet vet is unlike any other veterinarian job.