A Day In The Life Of Alicia Jay, Founder Of Tall Swag And The World’s Tallest Virgin (Video)

alicia jay

Alicia Jay has a very unique claim to fame. She is the world’s tallest virgin.

It’s hard to miss Jay walking down the street. Standing at 6’6”, she walks with her head held high, easily exuding confidence. But Jay didn’t always know her self-worth.

“Growing up, I got bullied a lot,” says Jay. “I didn’t really have a good self-image.”

These days Jay is a lot more confident. She believes in taking care of her body, which, for her, includes exercise and strength training with a personal trainer. She also shares her path an progress with the world through a blog and podcast.

alicia jay

Jay also identifies as a Christian. She went to church with her mother from a young age and she believes that helped solidify the strong connection she has had with her faith into adulthood.

“Virginity is just something that I felt like I had to do from a young age,” she says. “It’s part of my purpose.”

Jay looks forward to one day finding her husband and sharing herself fully with him. But she admits that being a virgin in today’s society is difficult at times. “People have a misconception that we’re just not exciting people,” she says.

For Jay, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Jay played basketball at University of the Pacific and, while in college, found her confidence and her voice. These days, she runs a blog and a podcast called Tall Swag.

Tall Swag began when I was frustrated about finding clothes and I knew other tall women were too,” says Jay. “I think that every woman should have a voice, but we don’t really have a category.”

Furthermore, Jay works for the Golden State Warriors basketball team as the Senior Manager of Game Experience. This means that Jay helps create the fans’ game experience when they enter Oracle Arena.

alicia jay

Jay’s success means that she is a role model for other tall girls, who may not have found their confidence or voice yet. For those girls, she has one final message.

“Your height is powerful. It’s a tool that you’re going to use when you’re older. People are going to wish that they had it,” she says. “Block out all that noise, because all it is is a lie.”

Watch the video to find out more about Alicia Jay’s inspiring story.