Demi Lovato Fires Back After A Website Calls Out Her ‘Fuller Figure’

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Demi Lovato is no stranger to tabloid talk, but she’s not one to stay silent about body shaming or bullying. After an online publication called out her “fuller figure” in a recent headline, the pop star struck back with a powerful message.

The headline, which read “Demi Lovato Appears To Have Fuller Figure After Working Up A Sweat in LA,” seems to imply that her weight or shape may have changed, something that btw is totally normal and definitely not newsworthy. After seeing the article, Lovato screenshot it and wrote, “I AM MORE THAN MY WEIGHT.” Note the emphasis with the caps.

In addition to being an award-winning singer and songwriter, Lovato is a mental health advocate and activist. She has never shied away from sharing her personal struggles with mental illness and addiction, even after entering rehab in August following a two-week hospitalization for a drug overdose, and continues to speak out about social change.

In her Stories, she went onto explain that she is not necessarily offended by being called out for her figure, but rather angry that people continue to think it’s okay to talk about other people’s bodies and the harm that this causes, especially to those who are already vulnerable.

“Unlike the past, I'm not triggered, I'm not upset that someone wrote a headline about my 'fuller figure.' I'm angry that people think it's okay to write headlines about people's body shapes. Especially a woman who has been so open about being in recovery from an eating disorder. I'm not upset for myself but for anyone easily influenced by the diet culture,” she wrote.

She continued: “Too many people today base their ideal body weight off of what OTHERS tell us we should look like or weigh. Articles like these only contribute to that toxic way of thinking. If you're reading this: Don't listen to negative diet culture talk. You are more than a number on a scale. And I am more than a headline about my body shape.”

Turns out, the writer of the article got in touch with Lovato to apologize, and the conversation that followed was positive. She accepted the apology, posting it her Stories, and encouraged her fans to be nice after the writer admitted he was a little shaken but had learned his lesson. “Keep writing. Keep doing you. Most importantly use your platform good,” she told him.

“Change is made [by] raising your voice, speaking your truth and spreading love,” she finished the thread. “Don’t forget to tell yourself how beautiful and worthy you are of a happy and healthy life.”

Couldn't have said it better.