DiGiorno Is Not Here For People Putting Candy Canes On Their Pizza

Photo: C/O gotham146 Twitter

We all remember the candy corn pizza that took Twitter by storm in October, but just in case you need a refresher, the idea was to melt the gross, waxy sugar candy all over an otherwise beautiful pizza. The horrifying image has since congealed in our brains, and now there is a new atrocity hitting the Twittersphere that's (debatably) even grosser. Twitter user gotham146 decided to pay tribute to candy corn pizza inventor TheRealAsswolf using candy canes and mini Santas. They sit atop the DiGiorno pizza and the internet is vomiting once again. Also, DiGiorno is not down.

The whole candy-coated thing has gone viral enough that Fox’s Good Day Philadelphia anchors gave it a try Wednesday morning. Host Alex Holley tweeted a video with the caption “Yes, yes we did try the Candy Cane Pizza….WARNING: it causes tastebud confusion.” They weren't the only ones to react, though. Keep scrolling to see how this pie is making the internet sick.

Yes, yes we did try the Candy Cane Pizza….

WARNING: it causes tastebud confusion. pic.twitter.com/VJWbRupR7X

— Alex Holley (@AlexHolleyFOX29) December 13, 2017