20 Halloween-Inspired Hairstyles That Will Complete Your Costume

halloween hairstyles

The scariest season of the year is upon us, and it's the perfect time to try out that crazy, multi-hued hairstyle that’s been haunting you all year. Whether you just want to test-drive a crazy new look, experiment with hair extensions and semi-permanent paints, or commit to colorful full-coverage and dye it all permanently, we’ve rounded up 20 Halloween hairstyles to get you into the spooky spirit for your next costume party

The Harley Quinn Look

We love this recreation Harley Quinn's famed pigtails, these blue and pink buns are cute (or as evil) as can be!


When all else fails, just dye half of your ‘do orange, cut out some black shapes, and rock a Jack-O’-Lantern in your locks. 

Allover orange

As if this ombré orange isn’t killer enough, the bobby pin web is pretty genius, too. 

Scull candy

Add toy sculls to your bubbly pony for a fun surprise.

Glowstick green

No need for a trick-or-treating flashlight this year—just rock this glowstick hue to help guide you through the night.

Rainbow Brite

“This shot of @thedavanderkoil’s hair (because yes I’m STILL posting it) is straight-up taking me to Halloweentown!,” said the stylist. “All @pravana used, styled with @bioionic and @aghair


Intricate braided details give this take this mermaid style to the next level.

Haunted hairdo

Like a haunted mansion come to life, this mix of grey and black with a pop of orange is pretty wearable, tbh.

Web head

There’s really nothing tangled (or subtle) about this web—the undercut job has definitely caught our attention.


If you're feeling bold with your skill set, give we dare you to give this intricate Maleficent-inspired hairstyle a try.

Courage costume

We couldn’t agree more with the caption on this 'gram: “If human beings had genuine courage, they'd wear their costumes every day of the year, not just on Halloween.” — Douglas Coupland


Whimsical witch

Created with hair extensions, temporary dye, and fall foliage, this teased look is out of this world.

Autumnal hues

Created with Matrix hair color and Olapex bond builder, this bright 'do reminds us of the moment in fall when the colorful leaves are at their brightest.

Unicorn braids

These color ombré braids give off major unicorn vibes.

Halloween in a pinch

Halloween hairstyles don't get much easier than this. Ditch the dye commitment and recreate this look using colorful hair extensions instead. 

Black and white

We’re getting major Addams Family vibes with this half-white, half-black hair color. 

Candy corn crown

Accessorized with candy corn, this hairstyle is cute in theory, but what happens when everyone’s sweet tooth kicks in at the end of the night? Well, it'll be easier to take out, that's for sure!

Bat wings

For this Halloween hairstyle, just attach a set of extension to a headband and voila — bat wings!

Rainbow detailing

The caption on this pic of a rainbow spiderweb says it all: “The back of your head.. is ridiculous .”

Devil horns

Forget store-bought devil horns! This topknot tutorial is surprisingly easy to master at home.

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