Elizabeth Banks and Margot Robbie Are Making a Film Based on This Famous Feminist Children’s Book

Photo: Splash News

Elizabeth Banks and Margot Robbie are teaming up to produce a film based on the feminist children's book The Paper Bag Princess. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Universal won a bidding war for the rights to the book, which was written by Robert Munsch and centers on a princess who, when her Prince Charming is kidnapped by a dragon, has to save the day. With no clothes left to wear (the dragon burned her castle and all her pretty dresses, too), she sets out in a paper bag. But when she saves the prince, instead of being thankful, he chastises her un-princess-likeĀ appearance, so she kicks him to the curb and runs off into the sunset solo.

So, yeah, not only is it a book that every little girl should read, but it couldn't be more timely for a silver screen adaptation. Since its initial release in 1980, it's been reprinted 90 times, has sold over 10 million copies and has been translated into dozens of languages. Unfortunately, its popularity hasn't put a stop to the damsel-in-distressĀ narratives that dominate media marketed to girls and women alike.

The screenplay will be written by Katie Silverman, who produced How to Be Single, and Robbie may star as the titular princess, depending on scheduling. Either way, it sounds like the offbeat feminist flick we've been waiting for.