5 Adorable and Easy DIY Halloween Costumes for the Whole Family

family costumes

We understand that outfitting the whole family can sometimes cost you more than you bargained for, which is why we've rounded up fun family costumes that won't deplete your time and money. While shoppable family get-ups are undoubtedly easier than cutting and crafting, they are guaranteed to break the bank, especially if you have a family of five. Halloween is right around the corner and we're here to save you from the hassle of rushing around at the last minute. Instead of braving the picked-over aisles of a crowded Halloween store, embrace your inner DIY skills and let these cute costumes from Instagram serve up serious inspiration, just in time for the holiday. Selecting a creative DIY option you can prepare together is also a fun way to fit in some family time and get the kids involved in the process. Happy crafting and happier saving lies ahead!

Cops and Robbers

This family costume will have your kids disciplining you!

Skeleton Family

Perfect for those with a baby on board, thisĀ x-ray vision incorporates your little one in such a sweet way.


LEGO Family

This easy, creative idea is great for groups. Simply create your own family of LEGO people with boxes you have lying around the house. Use a template and then decorate each head however you want…it's unique and fun!

Thelma and Louise

These roadie women are infamous for their cross-country escape and their western attire. Create a family of these movie characters with the clothes you already own.

Speed Bump Ahead

Turn your baby bump into a speed bump with this funny pun, all while the rest of the fam suits up in construction worker costumes. Great for both big and small families, especially if you're expanding your brood.