A Day In The Life: Tagging The Streets Of Lisbon With A Graffiti Grandma (Video)

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graffiti grandma

You thought your grandma was cool? Meet Luísa Cortesão, a retired doctor turned graffiti artist who never let age impede her imaginative spirit. When people think of graffiti, they think of rebels and cool kids leaving signature tags all around town, not a graffiti grandma. With the rise of Portugal’s Lata 65, though, seniors are encouraged to create street art. Consider them a motley clan of retirees.

“I was interested in street are for a very long time,” says Cortesão, whose daughter introduced her to the Lata 65 workshops, where seniors learn to draw a ‘tag’ before creating stencils. While she admits this isn’t typical of people her age, Cortesão continues, “The Graffiti Mothers are my crew. The gangs of very nasty old ladies, well, that’s my crew.”

Follow along as Cortesão takes you through the streets of Lisbon, tagging her character, the witch, on the city’s walls.