People Are Going Crazy Over Halsey’s Armpit Hair


Despite how far we've come since the body positive movement began, a woman showing off her body hairis still considered taboo. Everyone has an opinion about it, especially when it comes to celebrities who choose to let it grow to natural lengths. The latest victim of body hair shaming is Halsey. After she gorgeously graced the cover ofRolling Stone's annual “Hot Issue” with her armpit fuzz in full view, people were quick to criticize her choice.

For the magazine's cover, the 24-year-old singer is posed with her arms behind her head as she shows off her tattoos, wearing a simple white tank, minimal makeup, and short brown curls. When she posted the image to Instagram, some people took to the comment section to tell the star that she needed to shave her armpits. Other expressed disgust with comments like “the hairy armpits are a bit much.” One person even went as far as to say that Halsey's armpit stubble — it's stubble, people! — is a sign of bad hygiene, which we all know isn't true. 

However, many are commending Halsey and the publication for their realistic portrayal of women's bodies. “Is anyone else enjoying the fact that her armpits aren’t Photoshopped to look poreless?” one user wrote. “These are what armpits look like in real life, lol someone finally did it.”

“I don’t understand people making a fuss about armpit hair when it is just stubble. This how NORMAL armpit look like,” said another. Fellow celebrities Maggie Rogers and Demi Lovato also came to Halsey's defense. “There so much yes about this picture idk where to start ??” said Lovato. “Here for this armpit hair,” said Rogers.

Singer Zara Larsson also took to social media to praise the pop star for her underarm hair. “I loooove the fact that they didn’t edit the armpits like most magazines would do,” she wrote on Twitter. “Women are not little babies who don’t have body hair.”

It’s sad that a little armpit fuzz can cause such a frenzy, but hopefully with more realistic shots from influential women, we can continue to normalize body hair

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