Yikes! Halsey Shares Images Of Injuries From Rock Climbing Naked


The words “naked” and “rock climbing” aren't typically in the same sentence — unless you're referring to the latest Instagram post by Halsey. The adventurous post star just shared a jarring photo of injuries from doing just that: naked rock climbing.

The image shows nasty scratches and red blotches all over her bare back, as well as a taped-up finger, and it looks super painful. “Don’t go rock climbing naked. or do. do you,” she warned followers in the caption. Her small back tattoo, which reads “nightmare,” is visible, proving its her with the battle wounds.

Halsey has yet to elaborate further on the incident.

The cryptic (and bizarre) post lead many fans to express both their concern and confusion. Fans flooded the photo with comments like: “What happened????” and “Geez, be careful.” But one that's perhaps the most relatable: “I don't know whether to cry or laugh.”

Apparently, naked rock climbing is the latest extreme sport craze.


Just a couple of days ago, Halsey posted a similar photo of her battered knees, presumably bruised up from her recent performance in Seoul, Korea with K-pop band BTS. Choreographer Dani Vitale took responsibility.

While it's admirable that Halsey is willing to go the extra mile in her career, as well as in her hobbies, it also strikes us as a tad bit dangerous. Maybe opt for a shirt when scaling rocks? Regardless, we admire her strength and determination. As she recently revealed to the The Inquisitr, she been struggling with an endometriosis diagnosis. Keep climbing!