Heidi Klum Is Facing Backlash For Posting Revealing Photos From Honeymoon

Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum's Instagram reel looks like Heaven on Earth. The 46-year-old supermodel is living it up on her honeymoon with her new husband Tom Kaulitz, who are still celebrating after nearly five months of marriage. But who cares? The gorgeous outtakes from their travels in Italy are giving us all the carefree vibes we could ever hope for as summer comes to an end. Most notably, she's blessed us with a slew of all natural — and slightly risqué — pics.

“All I see is WATER ⛵️⚓️ ❤️,” Klum captioned a stunning selfie over the weekend. But based on the comments flooding her feed, others saw something else. If you look closely, you will also see that the newlywed's nipples are poking out from the top of the towel loosely wrapped around her. Aah, the honeymoon phase…

The picture has nearly 500 thousand likes and hundreds of comments, mostly flattering. Fans are praising Klum for the carefree shot which left her chest exposed. “We love a confident woman!” one user wrote. Another made a joke about “Hans and Frans” getting some “fresh air.” (Those are the names that Klum famously gave her breasts.)

Others, however, were quick to criticize Klum for the scantily clad pictures. “All I see if a midlife crisis,” one person wrote. “Why is she half naked on every other picture?” questioned another.

But Klum's fans came to her defense: “If you get offended by seeing slightly more skin than you’re used to, maybe you just need to get off the internet,” reads one of the many responses to the backlash.

Regardless, it doesn't seem like Klum cares what anyone thinks about her photos — probably because she is too busy traveling around Italy on a yacht. “When you wake up outside in this location …… and your husband is still sleeping,” she captioned a sunset video from Capri. And on Monday, she followed up with a photo of herself overlooking the coast, with her booty on full display.

Klum is obviously filled with marital bliss — and it shows!

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