‘Home Alone’ Just Got The Modern Update You’ve Been Waiting For

google assistant

Have you ever wondered what Home Alone would be like in the present day? Well, in a new commercial for Google Assistant, Macaulay Culkin, now 38, returns as Kevin McCallister from the 1990 classic film. Spoiler: It’s a lot like you would imagine it to be this time around.

For starters, Kevin is able to check his schedule via Google Assistant, which alerts him that he has the house to himself. Then, instead of making an unsupervised trip to the store, he simply adds shaving cream to his “shopping cart” and let’s Google order it for him. Other voice commands include reminders, doorbell alerts, temperature control, and finally, “Operation Kevin.” His attempt to deter burglars is much easier with technological advances like Smart Lock and the Roomba (to which he attaches his character boards).

The one thing Kevin still doesn’t do, though? Text his mom. Otherwise, Google gave us a long-awaited look at just how different the iconic holiday movie would be in 2018, while selling us on the product’s features. Genius.

Take a break from your holiday movie marathon to watch the clip. I’m gonna give you to the count of 10…