A Sneak Peek In Jessica Alba’s Desk Drawer (Video)

Jessica Alba’s Desk

Jessica Alba may be best known for her role in films like “Sin City” and “Fantastic Four,” but her real-life roles don’t end there. She is also an inspiring entrepreneur and working mom.

The actress-turned-businesswoman is co-founder of the Honest Company, a baby product and household consumer goods company with emphasis on ethical practices. When Alba was pregnant with her first child, Honor, she became concerned with the arsenal of ingredients found in baby products and set out to make safer homes for families. In 2012, Alba co-founded and launched the company with just 17 products, with sales reaching $10 million in the first year. Currently there are over 100 skews and 400 employees.

Jessica Alba’s Desk

How does she manage? Inside the open-office that houses the seemingly happy employees (65 percent of which are women), you’ll find diaper towers, makeup samples, and cleaning products left out for her approval. “I worked with architects and designers to create a space that is really collaborative,” she says of the Honest Co. headquarters in Los Angeles. Also important to the working mom: function (makes sense). Under each desk you’ll find a seat that doubles as storage with extra drawers — and we got a sneak peek inside hers!

Get a glimpse of Alba’s must-haves here, including the touch-up compacts and midday pick-me-ups she relies on to feel fresh and energized throughout her workday. Chocolate? Necessary. She also keeps makeup remover wipes and hydrating mist handy, “because you never know when you need to just freshen up.”

So, what are you waiting for? Take a look above!