Lady Gaga Doesn’t Care If You Buy Her Makeup — She Hopes It Spreads A Bigger Message

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga has an underlying message of self-love and expression in everything she does, and her new beauty line, Haus Laboratories, is no different. The cosmetics company features Gaga-esque bright colors and bold designs, but as the singer-turned-beauty mogul tells People, she's not interested in following trends. The secret to pursuing any venture, she says, is to stay true to what's inside you and tuning out the opinions of others.

“I don’t pay attention to what is trending or what people necessarily want to see me as,” she 33-year-old said in an exclusive interview with People. “I’m just always me, whether people like it or not.” This methodology is crucial not only to her business, but to her self-care and mental health. “Staying true to myself is part of how I love myself,” she said.

When asked what makes her feel confident, she replied: “Not caring what other people think of me by judging me by my looks. That’s shallow. Whether I’m dressed up with makeup or in sweatpants with none, I’m just being me.”

And despite the fact that she's promoting a makeup brand, Gaga says that physical appearance isn't what's important. “In truth, we don’t care if you wear our makeup or not,” she said of her company. “What’s important to us is that you love yourself and spread that kind message around the world.”

Still, she prides herself on the innovation of the collection and believes the products can be used in a range of ways: “You can create different personas with makeup, or go bare, but ultimately the real transformation comes from within and loving yourself.”

Her favorite: the Eye Armor Kit because “the wing-tips are the false eyelashes of eyeliner and can be used in minutes to create the perfect symmetrical winged liner” look.

The highly-anticipated collection includes also eyeliners, lip gloss, lip liners, shimmer powders, and makeup stickers. Haus Laboratories is available now on both and worldwide.

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