This Lisa Frank Hotel Room Will Make All Your 90s Childhood Dreams Come True

Lisa Frank

For '90s kids, it doesn't get more nostalgic than Lisa Frank. The iconic brand known for its whimsical rainbow designs dominated everything from trapper keepers and notebooks to stickers and posters. Sound familiar? If your bedroom walls were covered in colorful prints and playful characters growing up, you're going to want to dust off your travel bag because a Lisa Frank hotel room has arrived.

The nostalgia-inducing suite is the result of a partnership between Lisa Frank and, and it's located at Barsala Hotel in downtown Los Angeles. The space itself explodes with color, and there are plenty of Instagram-worthy backdrops throughout. It really has everything a '90s kid could dream of, including a light-up canopy bed, a desk with a neon pink chair, dorm-room like lounge space, and a spacious bathroom with an under-the-sea vibe.

lisa frank hotel

But arguably the best part of the suite is its rainbow kitchen stocked with all the treats you loved as a kid: Pixy Stix, Gushers, Fun Dip, Air Heads, and even Cheez Balls. These mini-bar snacks are complimentary, as are the Lisa Frank robe, slipper set, and eye mask you'll receive during your stay.

Ultimate girls' night in? We think so. Pack some playful sheet masks, turn on 90210, and you're all set to reach peak nostalgia.

lisa frank hotel

“We wanted to design a room that celebrates all things '90s, and nothing screams childhood nostalgia more these iconic designs. is thrilled to bring this dream room to life with Lisa Frank, and to reward travelers with a blast from their past,” president of Adam Jay said in a press release.

Lisa Frank chimed in with a similar message. “Over the past four decades, Lisa Frank fans have grown up enjoying our art in many forms,” the brand said in a statement. “Many of them now book hotel rooms for themselves and their families, and we are excited to partner with to be able to offer this immersive Lisa Frank experience.”

How much for all this rainbow-soaked goodness, you ask? The room goes for $199 a night, which isn't all that pricey considering. One caveat: The Lisa Frank hotel suite is available only through October 27, and the limited dates are guaranteed to go fast.

Feeling spontaneous? Check out more photos, then book your Lisa Frank getaway here starting Friday, October 11.

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