Mandy Moore Shares Crazy Selfie From The Set Of ‘This Is Us’

Mandy Moore

Mandy Moore's recent Instagram post will definitely make you do a double — if not triple — take.

The 34-year-old actress posted a jarring selfie of the beauty transformation she underwent for the This Is Us finale, which aired last night. Moore is barely recognizable in a long, grey wig, deep under-eye bags and wrinkled lips — a true testament to the show's makeup crew.

In a follow-up post, Moore commended the hair and makeup department on their work this season along with a sped-up video of her being transformed into her character, Rebecca. The caption reads:

“Just another reminder that our hair and makeup department on #thisisus is the best in the biz. They are masterful and simply put, as actors we wouldn’t be able to do our job without their artistry (along with the rest of our remarkable crew).”

It's nice to see Moore giving such visible appreciation for those behind the scenes in Hollywood, who are so often looked over, and her glam squad's work is truly remarkable. The hair and makeup process that will turn the 34-year-old actress into the 68-year-old Rebecca takes around three hours to complete.

This Is Us, the NBC drama known for it's tear-jerking scenes just completed it's third season, which shocked viewers with it's flash-forward reveals. Though a season 4 air date has yet to be announced, the show's creators have hinted that the show will run for a few more seasons.

In an interview with ‘This Is Us’ Will Have An “Elegant” & “Satisfying” Final Ending; Season 4 Will Be About “New Beginnings & Restarts”” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Deadline, show creator Dan Fogelman said, “We’ve got multiple seasons mapped out. I think this season [3] has been a lot about redemption, but also a lot of rebirth. Next season is a season of new beginnings and restarts.”

Whatever happens next season, it's almost guaranteed to stun audiences with its heart-wrenching plot lines and brilliant performances. Let the countdown begin.