Makeup Artist Mario Dedivanovic Recalls Being Shamed For Working With Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian makeup artist

Makeup by Mario? Maybe you've heard of him. As Kim Kardashian has gone from reality star to beauty mogul, Mario Dedivanovic has risen to stardom right alongside her. The renowned celebrity makeup artist has been working and collaborating with Kim since 2008, but in Sunday's new E! True Hollywood Story, he reveals he was once pressured to cut ties with her.

“The elitist world, they looked down upon people like reality stars,” Dedivanovic says in his on-camera interview. “I had an agent that demanded that I stop working with her.”

He goes on to explain that this agent viewed his association with Kim as career suicide. “They said that, 'She'll never be successful. And you're going to go down right with her and you're gonna lose your entire career,'” he recalls.

But, he says, “I knew in my heart that that wasn't true.” Dedivanovic continued his relationship with Kim and says he eventually left his former agent because of it.

As we know now, that decision paid off. Not only is Dedivanovic still Kim's main beauty guru, but he's also gotten to collaborate on her KKW Beauty collections. Not to mention the fact that he travels the world with his hugely successful beauty seminars The Masterclass, where he shares his makeup expertise with high-paying audience members. Kim has even made appearances at some, acting as his palette for makeup application.

But Kardashian and Dedivanovic's relationship goes far beyond business. The pair have remained close friends over the years. During the celebration for their KKW collaboration last year, Kim tearfully thanked the makeup artist for all that he's taught her over the years. “So I’m so grateful for you Mario, I’m not gonna cry so I don’t want to talk, but literally you’ve taught me everything,” she says in a clip shared on Dedivanovic's instagram.

Love or hate her, you can't deny Kim's influence on society. It's safe to say that Dedivanovic's career is doing just fine, and he certainly made the right decision all those years ago. Check out the clip below.

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