Meghan Markle And Beyoncé Had The Sweetest Exchange At ‘The Lion King’ Premiere

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Beyoncé and Meghan Markle finally met at the London premiere of The Lion King, and they were all smiles as they exchanged pleasantries. Following the premiere, tons of videos surfaced of Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry meeting the pop icon and her husband Jay Z.

In the footage, Queen Bey refers to Markle as “my princess” as hugs are exchanged. After introductions, we can assume that Markle was probably congratulating Bey on her role as Nala in the film, but then the topic quickly turns to nine-week-old Archie. Beyoncé can be heard telling the new mom that her newborn is “so beautiful” before adding, “We love you guys.”

Prince Harry arrives a few moments later, giving Bey a very royal double-cheeked kiss and shaking hands with Jay Z. According to reports, Jay-Z even offered some parenting advice for the new parents: “Always find time for yourself,” he said.

After the meeting, Beyoncé smiled and told reporters of the royal couple, “They are so sweet.”

Beyoncé has long been vocal about her adoration for Duchess Meghan. During her and Jay-Z's 2019 Brit Awards acceptance speech, the famous couple even paid special tribute to Her Royal Highness for Black History Month. Fans of Markle's also point out how long she has been a member of the Beyhive, referring to her old social media posts.

Aside from their mutual admiration for each other, the two women have a lot common: They're both 37-years-old, both mothers, and both in the spotlight. It's also worth mentioning that they both also looked absolutely stunning: Bey rocked a gold pleated gown and long, straight locks, and Markle stunned in a black cocktail dress by Jason Wu and slicked-back bun. Here's hoping that this is the start of a long friendship between the two couples and that double dates will soon be in the works.

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