Swimsuits With Meghan Markle And Prince Harry’s Faces Exist — And We Can’t Look Away

Photo: bags of love / splash news

Sure, you can get Royal Wedding mugs, games, and even masks of members of the wedding party, but with summer approaching, why not get a swimsuit with Meghan Markle or Prince Harry's face on it? To properly celebrate the momentous matrimony, Bags of Love, and online printing company, is selling customized one-piece swimsuits.

The company says that since the engagement was announced in November, they have been inundated with requests from customers wanting to print the royals' faces on a number of products, including swimwear — and why wouldn't they capitalize off of extreme fans? Everyone else is.

Using the online design service, you can upload a photo of your choice, zoom in and crop it to your liking, and send it off for printing. The low-cut scoop back swimsuit is made of lycra fabric and comes in sizes XS to 4XL (cheers to offering accessible size ranges!). One suit will cost you $57, but if you buy two, say, one of the bride and one of the groom, you’ll save $6.

Photo: Bags of Love

Photo: Bags of Love

Before you ask, yes, men's trunks are also available.

“This truly unique, custom swimsuit will be a piece your friends admire,” the company writes. Admire? Maybe. However, we think you can expect a reaction more like this…

Photo: Glam custom design / Bags of Love

Get your Meghan Markle And Prince Harry swimsuits here.