This Is The Most Liked Instagram Photo of The Year

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Photo: Instagram/@beyonce

Despite the fact that there's still a whole month left of 2017, Beyonce has already been crowned this year's Instagram queen. According to the Hollywood Reporter, her instantly iconic pregnancy photo, which was posted in February, is the most-liked photo posted on the platform this year, garnering 11.1 million double-taps. For reference, that's three million more people than the population of New York City. So yeah, folks dig Bey, and they dig her even more when she's announcing she's pregnant.

The photo was part of a larger series of images taken by Awol Erizku, a 28-year-old artist and photographer whose career saw a major boost after he documented Bey and twins Sir and Rumi, who were born in June. Like the rest of the series, the photo is a mash-up of religious symbolism and art historical references, rendered in a style that feels like a particularly fashion-forward music video. It's gorgeous, and certainly more elevated than last year's most-liked Instagram, which showed Selena Gomez drinking a Coke. The year before was Kendall Jenner lying on the floor with the ends of her hair styled to look like hearts.

But it's not just the strong art direction that made Beyonce's photo so popular. With Cristiano Ronaldo's photo of his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez and their baby daughter, Alana, coming in second and Beyonce's picture of her newborns (also shot and styled by Erizku) ranking third, it's clear that Instagram users are baby-crazy. But don't cry for Selena, because she's still the most followed person on Insta and holds the title for this year's fourth most-liked Instagram photo.