The Most Popular Baby Name Predictions For 2019 Are In

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popular baby names for 2019

If you are expecting a little bundle of joy, you’re probably non-stop Googling two things: baby products and baby names. But while both are exciting things to research, choosing a name for your child isn’t as simple as reading a few reviews online. Most people look for a name that is meaningful and represents a moment in time, whether that’s a family heritage, pop culture reference or shared interest.

Perhaps that’s why the names that become popular are easy to predict, at least with some accuracy. They are influenced by what's popular at a given time. So, what can we expect for the year ahead? Sophia, Olivia, and Emma, for girls, and Jackson, Liam, and Noah, for boys, still reign supreme, according to recently released reports. However, plenty of adorable new names will be embroidered on onesies next year.

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This unisex baby name with Scottish origin has long been popular in the southern states, but it’s now becoming a favorite across the country, especially for musically-inclined parents.


Have a partner who is into Fortnite? Inspired by professional player Dakotaz, this name has been given a 13 boost in popularity. (Yes, seriously.)


Names made popular by the Kardashians continue to top the list, including this one given to Kourtney’s third child back in 2014. In fact, the unisex name was up 27 percent in popularity in 2018.


It may no longer be the “it” veggie (that would be cauliflower), but parents-to-be are taking a liking to Kale as a baby name. Babycenter reported a 35 percent increase in popularity for girls. And it’s not the only food topping the charts — Kiwi, Maple, and Clementine are also becoming increasingly popular.


In 2018, we met Kylie Jenner’s adorable daughter, Stormi, and as a result, the first-time mom and makeup mogul’s moniker choice saw a 63 percent uptick.


Plenty of parents took inspo from Chrissy Teigen’s first child, Luna (up 35 percent for girls), and now they’re loving this name she gave her son (up 13 percent for boys).


We’re all waiting with bated breath for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s first child, but in the meantime, parents seem to be stealing the name of the youngest royal to date — Prince Louis, Prince William and Kate Middleton’s third child.


The concept of using the Southern state as a first name is nothing new — most notably, famed playwright Tennessee Williams went by this, although his real name was Thomas. According to BabyCenter, it’s popular again, showing a 31 percent uptick for boys and a 21 percent uptick for girls.


We’re not sure if this name was ever not popular, but it’s most certainly making a major comeback. Whether it’s a nickname for Jackson or given as a girl’s name, it’s a classic and safe choice.


This name is one of the oldest in the books, and it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. For religious folks, its meaning holds some significance: “devotion to God.”