Oprah Is Trolling Instagram Followers With Words Of Encouragement

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What would you do if you opened the Instagram app to a notification that Oprah commented on one of your posts? Scream? Screenshot it? Contact Comments By Celebs? Well, it could happen. As part of a new video series for O, The Oprah Magazine, Lady O herself has been leaving positive comments on the feeds of some unsuspecting followers.

“Looks like you’re living your best life,” she commented on one fan’s page. On another’s she wrote, “You look like a magazine ad for happiness.”


Our screens are powerful tools for good, from connecting cultures to influencing important policies, until they start serving as platforms for faceless trolls to spew hate. Celebrities, in particular, are familiar with the nasty, negative comments left by Internet trolls; however, this type of online harassment isn’t reserved for famous faces. According to a recent study, roughly 40 percent of Americans have personally experienced online harassment. So, naturally, Oprah is trying to be the voice of good as we sift through the all the negativity.

“I'm over here minding my own business like I always do, okay, every day I mind my own business, and I get this notification… Guess who it’s from — Oprah!” said one fan fighting through tears after reading the comment.

Calling the series “Spread the Love,” Oprah hopes to encourage others to do the same. With all the negativity on social media, moments like this are refreshing and feel intimate (even when done for promotional purposes).