People Are Already Breaking Their Expensive New iPhones

Photo: Splash News

If you live near an Apple store, you've probably observed the people camped outside of it in an effort to be the first of their friends to obtain an iPhone X. But if, like so many of us, you have a habit of dropping your phone, you may want to rethink purchasing the $999 accessory. According to the Daily Mail, Chinese consumers, who were able to get their hands on the phones sooner due to time differences, have already had issues with the glass covers shattering, cracking, and breaking.

Photo: Weibo

The new phones use the same ultra-strong glass as the iPhone 8, but, you know, glass is glass and if you drop it on the floor of a bar after one too many glasses of red (and who among us hasn't?), it's probably gonna smash or at least crack. While some people think a cracked screen is a symbol of a life well lived (there's even a wallpaper you can download should you want to mimic the look without getting shards of iPhone glass in your fingers), when you've parted with a grand for the latest tech accessory, you probably don't want it to crack in less than 24 hours, no matter how edgy it may make you look. The iPhone X is also the first phone in years to have glass on both the front and the back of the phone, meaning there's not one, but two ways to break it!

Unlucky Chinese iPhone X buyers have uploaded pictures of their broken phones to Facebook and Weibo, with one writing “Does it look better now? It's more unique, haha.” Some tech bloggers are also intentionally smashing the phones to see how much pressure they can withstand, which, I guess thank you for your hard-hitting contributions to the world of journalism? I don't know.

The good news? Apparently, the phones continue to work even with their cracked screens, so should you get your hands on one and accidentally break it in, say, a fit of Friday night adrenaline or a holiday season-induced mental breakdown, you'll at least be able to text your friends to complain about it.