Tess Holliday Shares Her Advice For Dealing With Body Shamers On Social Media

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Tess Holliday has endured her fair share of body shamers. When hidden behind a screen, trolls often feel free to unleash their nastiest, most judgmental thoughts, especially when someone is as confident and unapologetic as Holliday. The 34-year-old model and activist recently opened up about how she tunes out the negativity online, and shared her advice on how others can do the same.

“Calling me fat is nothing to me,” she told PopSugar. “I know I’m fat.” While Holliday has learned to ignore the hate, she realizes that for most people, it’s difficult to separate social media from reality, which can result in depression, anxiety, and other negative thoughts.

“For everyone else — do your best to remember that social media is not real life,” she said. “These people don’t know you. They’re not paying your bills, and the best thing you can do is just to block it out and be kind to yourself, and I fully think that taking social media breaks is totally healthy and we should do it often.


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Just some Monday thoughts & things I’ve been thinking about that I wanted to share: 💭 Being authentic is always better than trying to be someone you’re not. 💭No one loves themselves 24/7, it’s okay to have highs & lows, that’s normal. 💭 The more successful you become, the more critics and that’s ok. Change will always be met with resistance. 💭Nothing is ever what it seems on social media, you only see the bits that folks choose to share. 💭 Don’t compare yourself, you’re on a different path that’s just yours. Embrace that. 💭If you’re feeling sad, reach out to someone and see if you can be of service to them. It will help you both more than you realize. 💭 It’s okay to ask for help, and it’s okay to receive help. 💭 Taco Bell is the *only* fast food. Fight me. Love you all, tell me what’s some wisdom that you’ve learned lately? Any💡 moments for you? Also drop your Taco Bell order if you can’t think of anything 🤣💁🏻‍♀️ #effyourbeautystandards

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Holliday also shared some of her advice in a recent Instagram post. “Being authentic is always better than trying to be someone you’re not,” she wrote. The model encouraged her followers to ask for help if they’re struggling with mental health or self-love. “It’s okay to ask for help, and it’s okay to receive help,” she added.


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A couple weeks ago in London I got to shoot with these incredible humans for @theisleofparadise 🌟 Growing up, there was always pressure on me to “get a tan” because it would make me look slimmer… but I knew unless they were magicians it wasn’t happening! From that point on, I just felt like being tan wasn’t for girls like me. This shoot was the first time I’ve ever had a spray tan and tbh, I loved it. My skin was glowing, my teeth were whiter…. and of course I still look fat, but I’m a baby lil fat bronze goddess! 🌟 Working with @julesvonhep and the Isle of Paradise team gave me an opportunity not only to challenge my own misconceptions but to partner with a company who are focused on diversity both in their message and their makeup. Check out my stories for a link to their site where you find out more about their movement 🌟 📸 @zoemcconnell #OWNYOURGLOW #effyourbeautystandards

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Tess Holliday notably created the viral hashtag #effyourbeautystandards in an effort to change the narrative on social media and encourage others embrace their true selves. She’s taken her activism offline as well. Earlier this month, she collaborated with beauty brand Isle of Paradise on their latest campaign, “Get Body Posi,” which aims to change the beauty industry standards by using models of all shapes, sizes, and identities.

“Regardless of what you like, you have a choice of how you present your body in this world, and you are deserving of feeling good in the skin you’re in,” Holliday said of the campaign.

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