The Real ‘Full House’: A Tour Inside The Iconic San Francisco Home (Video)

“Welcome to our historic San Francisco Painted Lady,” Côme Laguë and Charlene Li say with big smiles.

Laguë and Li are two of the few lucky San Francisco residents to live in the Painted Ladies of Alamo Square. The Painted Ladies, also known as the Seven Sisters, are a row of multi-colored Victorian homes, perhaps most famous for their appearance in the television series Full House and its sequel Fuller House.

People come from all over the world to see and photograph these iconic dwellings, and Laguë and Li were kind enough to allow cameras in for the Full House tour.

The first thing people see when they enter the home is the foyer, complete with stunning original mahogany wood and wainscoting on the wall. However the most breathtaking feature is the ornate chandelier, also original to the house.

Next up on the Full House tour is the parlor, which has original plaster crown lining the ceiling and redwood lumber trim.

“Our basic design template was a modern Victorian,” says Li. “We wanted to keep the history of the house and Victorian aspects in the feel of it, but at the same time make it a modern house.”

In the dining room is another spectacular chandelier that hangs over the table. The chandelier is an electric and gas hybrid, unique for the time.

“In 1892, when the house was built, electricity was the newfangled technology,” explains Li. “It wasn’t quite reliable enough, so they made sure that there was gas just in case the electricity went off.”

The family room and the kitchen are now one big open room, but that wasn’t always the case. Laguë and Li knew that the kitchen was where family and guests would gather. They decided to remove a wall so that they could open up the flow between the two rooms and create more of a focal space.

However, both homeowners agree that one of their favorite parts of the house is the bathtub.

As Li says, “It’s probably the best view in the entire house, sitting in the tub and looking out the window onto City Hall in San Francisco.”

Watch the video above to get the entire, exclusive Full House tour.