Vasectomy Cakes Are The Most Amusing New Parenting Trend

vasectomy cakes

Looking for a way to make your man smile post-procedure? Look no further than vasectomy cakes. Yes, you read that correctly. The hilarious cake trend is taking over Instagram, thanks to a bakery in Nashville who complied with a customer's unusual request in the most clever way possible.

Fox17 Nashville reports that Signature Desserts received the request from a local woman looking to thank her husband for going under the knife. “It was a big thing for him to get a vasectomy and somewhat underrated for men,” a bakery employee told the news station. The resulting creation is a white fondant cake with an image of lemons, and the words “100% juice, no seeds. Happy vasectomy!”

Signature Desserts then posted a photo of the cake on Instagram, with the caption “We make cakes to celebrate every occasion!!” Talk about smart social media marketing, am I right?

The brilliantly innuendo-ed cake has since sparked a trend on social media, wherein others are posting similar creations for their guy's…um…going away party. Some vasectomy cakes are definitely more NSFW than others, but all of them promise a good laugh — and surely lighten up the post-op mood. Because no one is downplaying the fact that retiring your swimmers is a serious decision.

Enjoy a scroll through some of the best vasectomy cakes below.