Victoria Beckham Reveals How Her 20-Year Marriage To David Beckham Is Still Going Strong

Victoria Beckham

Even outside the seemingly ill-fated world of Hollywood relationships, a marriage that spans 20 years is impressive. So when rock-solid couples like the Beckhams spill their secrets, we take notes. On Tuesday's episode of the Today show, Victoria Beckham opened up about her marriage to David Beckham, with whom she shares four kids.

Keeping family as their main priority is a huge factor, she told host Hoda Kotb. But supporting each other's goals outside of the home is also key. “You know, I think that the kids are our priority, and everything we do revolves around the children,” she said. “But we both work really hard. We love what we do professionally. We support each other and, you know, we're very lucky to have found each other and lucky that we're growing together.”

She runs a highly successful fashion house and just launched her first beauty collection, while her husband is famously known for his soccer career and resulting endorsements. Amid their hectic schedules, Beckham says that “communication is key.”

“I think it's just been focused, working hard [and] having a great support team around us. Both of our parents are very, very present and help with the kids.”

Beckham also recalls their first meeting as “love at first sight.” The pair, who celebrated their 20 year wedding anniversary in July 2019, first crossed paths at a charity event in Manchester, England in 1998. They announced their engagement almost a year later and welcomed their first child, Brooklyn, in 1999. The couple also has a 17-year-old son Romeo, 14-year-old son Cruz, and an 8-year-old daughter Harper.

Talk about relationship goals. Here's to 20 more years!

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