How the Victoria’s Secret Models Prep for the Annual VS Fashion Show

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The countdown ahead of the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show is officially on and the models have been hard at work prepping for their lingerie-clad strut down the runway in Shanghai. So, how do they ensure they're ready to rock the catwalk? We caught up with a few of the famous faces, (including Zuri Tibby, Grace Elizabeth and Lais Ribeiro), who shared their individual diet and workout routines. If you ever wanted to train and eat like an Angel, here's your chance.

Zuri Tibby works out six days a week to ensure she's ready for the annual event. “I work out year round so I am generally a healthy person. I work out at Dog Pound six days a week and have recently started to go to Cryo Fuel which helps regenerate the muscles and burn calories. I feel so amazing after a session,” she says, adding that a combination routine is what helps her look her best. “A combo of Planks, Squats and Dead Lifts give me the best results.”

The models are often jet-setting for various appearances, but Tibby says she doesn't let her travel plans interfere with her workout routine– in fact, we caught up with the model on the road at West Virgina University at the PINK house, where she was on hand to promote the PINK Date Bra and celebrate the PINK Nation University contest winner. “I make it a priority to exercise no matter where I am traveling. I also always travel with resistance bands so if I don’t have access to a gym I will work out in my hotel room,” she says.

If you find it tough to stay motivated when you're on the go, Tibby says it's all about prioritizing the time. “Try to remember that no matter what, your body is the most important thing,” she says. “Try to carve out at least 30 minutes a day to take care of yourself.”

“I would say everybody works out their butt, for sure.”

Also in attendance was Grace Elizabeth, who relies on a combo of exercises to stay fit. “I work out all year round, but my favorites are boxing and pilates,” she says. “I recently just bought a mini trampoline for my apartment. After work, I’ll jump on it for 30 minutes and sweat so much. It's also such a blast.”

When Elizabeth is after visible results, she turns to planks to help her shape up. “I love planks! I have found that they have been the most effective,” she says.

The model also ensures she's always armed with the equipment she needs to turn any location into a workout session. “I also travel with workout gear,” she says. “I bring ankle weights and a jump rope wherever I go! It’s important to make taking care of yourself a priority.”

Grace Elizabeth Victoria's Secret

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As for Lais Ribeiro, (who will have the honor of wearing the $2 million Fantasy Bra in the 2017 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show), she says she increases her workout routine to prep for the big day. “Two months before the show I try to workout out every single day. If I travel, I'll FaceTime with my trainer and do Skype sessions, where he'll tell me what to do. We use ankle weights and resistance bands,” she says. “Somehow I try to get in my workout every day.”

Although she wasn't always enthusiastic about hitting the gym, she admits it's easy to keep going once she sees her hard work pay off. “I like to see the results. I used to work out but I wasn't into it and now, when you see the results, it's like 'Oh wow, OK! Let's keep doing it' and it becomes fun,” she says.

Rather than rely on one go-to routine, Ribeiro finds a combination of workouts helps her achieve the best results. “I do dancing, I do boxing, I do pilates,” she says. “I try to get a little mix of everything, which helps keep it exciting.”

While she prefers to constantly switch up her routine, there is one area in particular she's paying extra attention to. “I would say everybody works out their butt, for sure. You know, we want to look good because a lot of people are watching,” she adds.

When it comes to her diet, the Angel says she ensures she's getting enough protein when she's training for the show. “I'm a Brazilian, I love rice and beans. I love, love meat, and it's protein, so it helps to build your muscle,” she says. “I don't really change my diet because we need a lot of energy, especially when we're working out every single day. I just try to keep a balanced diet all year long, but before the show I just eat a lot of protein.”

Elizabeth relies on clean eating to prep for the big day. “I eat really clean year round. I cook for myself so I like to chose my own ingredients. I’ve really been into fish and tofu lately,” she says.

As for Tibby, cooking at home ensures she's in control of her meals. “My diet doesn’t change,” she admits. “I love to cook my own food so I am always cautious about the ingredients I use. I like to eat protein, veggies and am a glutton for oysters.”

Even if you aren't planning on walking a runway in lingerie and don't have access to a private trainer you can still follow a routine that's fit like a model–in fact, it's easier than ever before. Lais recommends simply searching the #TrainLikeAnAngel hashtag on Instagram, where you can find all of the individual routines of each Angel. “Some of the workouts you can do at home,” she says.

Watch Ribeiro, Tibby, and Elizabeth, (along with a slew of other famous Angels and models), in the annual show on Nov. 28 on CBS.