Video: All The Times Hollywood Wanted Us to Pretend Beautiful Actresses Were “Ugly”

Hollywood is guilty of a lot of things. From propping up creeps to churning out one-dimensional female characters clearly created with the input of exactly zero actual women, it's an industry that has a long way to go in terms of gender equality. But, hey, we're getting there. One of the most annoying examples of this, though, is the assumption that audiences will believe a preternaturally beautiful actress is “ugly” just because she wears glasses or isn't sample size. This casting problem is rampant across film and television, probably because directors are too chicken to cast an actress who is actually average looking, so they instead lean on dated signifiers of female homeliness to get the job done. Like, seriously, no one actually thinks glasses and messy hair equals hideous beast anymore, do they? We hope not. In the spirit of calling this silliness out, here are just a few times we were asked to pretend our favorite actresses were anything other than gorgeous.