9 New Denim Trends To Try Now And Wear Through Fall

denim trends

If there’s one piece of clothing that pretty much everyone has in their closet, it’s denim. Throughout the decades and fashion fads that come with, this staple remains, holding the very same importance as it always has. “In the 50s it was rebellion with James Dean, in the 60s it was flares and bell bottoms to go with the hippie movement, in the 70s it was very Americana, in the 80s it was all about designer jeans, and in the 90s baggy denim based on the fact that hip-hop and grunge were hot,” explains Jenny Applegate, Chicago-based personal stylist. “In the early 2000s, low rise, belly-baring denim was popular — with the terrible thong hanging out — and then skinny jeans became super popular based on new denim technology.”

Luckily, we’ve entered an age where the denim isn’t all that daring or disastrous, but rather relaxed, cropped, and vintage-inspired. “Today's denim is anything but basic, and with skinny jeans becoming the trench coat of denim, they are no longer a trend,” explains Nicole Russo, stylist and founder of Let's Get You. If you’re looking to upgrade your denim to reflect what’s hot right now, especially in time for fall, Russo recommends reaching for fashion-forward deconstructed styles, universally-flattering kick-flares or a new every day style in high-rise, straight-legged crops. “Anything with volume, whether in a wide-legged silhouette or mom-jean style rigid denim, is a safe bet for Fashion Week 2018,” she adds.

Keep scrolling for nine new denim trends to try now.

denim trends

Split two-tone

This trend, which incorporates two different types of denim sewn together is the new-new for fall, says Applegate. “The important thing when wearing the two-tone jean is to keep the top simple,” she says. “Think classic white tee or black silk blouse, as adding a loud pattern or color to an already-interesting bottom is going to make it look messy and detract from the statement you are making.”

Above: Amazing Two-Tone High Waist Boyfriend Jeans ($330; shop.nordstrom.com)

Full-length, flared silhouettes

“These most often require a heel and are not meant to be body-hugging,” explains Russo. “They should have some stretch and feel more relaxed than a super fitted style.” Style them with a form-fitted top or flowy blouse.

Above: Le Palazzo High-Rise Wide-Leg Jeans ($260; net-a-porter.com)

denim trends

Ornate and embellished

“This started on the runways with the models over embellishing their whole look, and it’s now trending because embellishments and details in general on clothing and accessories is in right now,” says Ali Levine, celebrity stylist, fashion expert, and TV personality.

Above: Amazing High-Rise Girlfriend Slim Embellished Cuff Jeans ($350; aliceandolivia.com)

denim trends

Loose legged

What Applegate loves about this style is that it can really elevate a look. She recommends that these jeans are worn with heels, which will make legs look elongated. “The key is making sure you fit the widest part of your body and then the denim can go straight to the ground, as this causes an illusion that makes your legs look long and lean,” she says. “You also want to do this trend with a top or blazer that is more streamlined to the body.”

Above: High-Rise Loose Worn Blue ($250; shopredone.com)

denim trends

The structured mom jean

“The relaxed fit with a tapered leg is still very much around, with new iterations in buttons flies and mid-blue or black washes,” says Russo.

Above: 9″ High-Rise Toothpick Jean With Exposed Buttons and Cut Hems ($128; jcrew.com)

denim trends


“Asymmetrical denim comes from the runways and the asymmetrical dress trend, but this is an edgy way to do it,” says Levine.

Above: High Rise Baby Flare Skirt Pant Rexford Wash ($75; stsblue.com)

denim trends

Deconstructed denim

“This style looks like someone took apart their jeans and artistically put them back together,” Russo describes. “Keep it simple by letting them make the statement they were meant to and pairing them with a white t-shirt.”

Above: 3×1 W3 Cora Cropped Jeans ($325; shopbop.com)

denim trends

Cropped wide leg

The cropped trend has been around for decades — even Audrey Hepburn used to rock this look. “When any of my clients say they’re looking for a traditional, but on-trend look, I recommend a cropped denim,” says Applegate. “It’s a great for people who have a classic style to those that want to be really adventurous with the different hems and cuts.”

Above: Emmett Crop Wide Leg Jeans ($110; shop.nordstrom.com)

denim trends

Denim skirts

“In mini, pencil, distressed, distressed mini, slitted pencil, you name it, it's been created in the denim skirt,” says Russo. “With that kind of versatility, it gives every woman an option.” She recommends pairing with a kitten heel.

Above: Hi-Rise Stretch Denim Mini Skirt ($36; zara.com)