The Bathtub Pose Is The Trend You’re About To See All Over Social Media

bathtub selfies

These days, it’s pretty easy to grow bored of social media. I mean, how often can you take a bathroom mirror selfie or stare into the distance with a pained expression on your face before it gets old? Luckily, if you’re looking for a new way to show off your outfit of the day, celebrities have started a new trend that’ll spice up your feed in no time. Enter the bathtub pose.

It all started when music icon Celine Dion posted a photo of herself sprawled in a bathtub. Thing is, she was fully clothed. The singer turned fashion influencer posed with her hands over her head, showing off her simple white tank and acid-washed jeans.

Was she too tired to actually take a bath?

Apparently not. It turns out that posing in a bathtub (the fancier, the better) while still wearing clothes is the latest social media trend. A few weeks later, after the Met Gala, actress Tracee Ellis Ross posted a similar photo in her after-party ensemble: a pink sequin jumpsuit and feather headpiece.

And because third time’s a charm, actress Lily Collins joined in with her own version of the bathtub selfie, also showing off her over-the-top Met Gala gown. Her caption says it all: “This dilemma again… after party or bath?” We’ve all been there.


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This dilemma again… after party or bath?…

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There’s no way this can be a coincidence, so it’s safe to assume that you’ll be seeing a lot of bathtub selfies on your Insta feed this summer. And once you get over the ridiculousness of it all, it’s easy to see the appeal. The bathtub makes for a pretty backdrop for your #OOD while the pose instantly makes you seem more relaxed.

Consider this your permission to stay in and lay in your bathtub fully clothed.

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