Behind The Seams: How Curvy Girl Lingerie Is Redefining Sexy (Video)

curvy girl lingerie

Plus-size women have long been encouraged to hide their bodies, but the body positive movement has gained considerable steam in recent years, and women of all sizes are feeling more confident as a result. Still, the offerings for size-inclusive swimsuits and lingerie is slim — and often only available online. One of the only plus-size lingerie boutiques in the country, Curvy Girl caters to women sizes 12 to 28.

Chrystal Bougon, who calls herself the “Resident Curvy Girl,” started Curvy Girl to help plus-size women feel empowered and positive about their bodies. “My mission, my personal mission, is to help all women feel beautiful and sexy,” she says. “I wanted to offer a new, interesting, sexy, fun place where curvy women could shop.” With bodysuits, corsets, panties, fishnets, and even sex toys, this is your one-stop-shop for everything sexy.

curvy girl lingerie

As one customer describes the boutique, “[It’s] a community where we can come together and feel safe, shop together, talk together, support one another.”

curvy girl lingerie

“We are just regular women and we love to show our lingerie on regular people,” says Bougon. She hopes that Curvy Girl Lingerie will help curvy women stop buying into the message the media is selling them and convince them that they get to feel sexy, too.

Step into the boutique with us as women try on lingerie in this safe and playful environment.