7 Supportive Swimwear Brands For Postpartum Moms

postpartum swimsuits

If you’re a new mom, you already know how tough it can be to find clothing that fits (and flatters) your ever-changing body. Not only is your body still in the “shrinking-back” process, but if you’re breastfeeding, there’s now a whole set of requirements that your clothing has to meet. Luckily, there’s a new breed of swimwear made just for nursing moms — suits that not only have extra built-in support for aching, engorged boobs, but also provide discreet and accessible nursing panels so you can easily feed your baby. There are also plenty of not-made-for-postpartum swimsuits that fit the bill, too. They provide the extra coverage and support new moms (and most non-moms) are looking for. Oh, and did I mention they’re super cute?

Here are some of the best postpartum swimsuits on the market today that work for new mamas.

postpartum swimsuits

1 Voda Swim Envy Push Up Shirred Tankini (Top: $85; Bottom: $59; vodaswim.com)

Though it's not specifically designed for breastfeeding moms, Voda Swim has a large postpartum demographic, especially moms who've lost volume in their bust. Their suits provide that extra lift and support moms are craving without the use of an uncomfortable underwire. In addition, their Envy Push Up technology hold less than a tablespoon of water in each bust, so the suit easily keeps its shape in and out of the water.

postpartum swimsuits

2 Jenna Zipper One-Piece Swimsuit ($84; radswim.com)

Body-positivity blogger and mom, Carly Anderson, can’t get enough of this one-piece that falls in line with her #JustWeartheSuit movement to encourage people everywhere to put their insecurities aside. She specifically loves the fit of this suit, that it has built in cups, and the thickness of the straps which provide great support.

postpartum swimsuits

3 Summersalt’s The Plunge ($95; summersalt.com)

This D2C swimwear line offers luxury swimwear for all different shapes and sizes, ranging from 2 to 14 (with some styles going up to size 24!). They offer a bevy of flattering suits in their maternity-specific collection, but this one in particular is ideal for postpartum moms who are looking to keep their midsection under wraps yet eager to flaunt their newly voluptuous bustline.

postpartum swimsuits

4 Wet Swimwear Sally ($119; wet-swimwear.com)

If you’re goal while lying beach or poolside is to look sexy without showing off too much postpartum skin, meet your new go-to suit. It has the coverage you want without being too conservative, thanks to its subtle lingerie-like detail. Its one-piece balconette bodice provides support up top and in your mid-section, while its sarong-style bottom covers some of your lower half.

postpartum swimsuits

5 MOLOCO Swimwear (Jojo Top: $88; James Bottom: $88; shopmoloco.com)

MOLOCO is the brainchild of Mika Oakes, a former fashion industry insider and yoga teacher. She's also mom to an energetic five-year old son in Brooklyn. Her swim collection is thoughtfully designed for breastfeeding mamas — and beyond! With luxury Italian fabrics and a patented design (a discreet, built-in breastfeeding panel), MOLOCO offers swimsuits that stylish new mamas will want to wear with the functionality they need.

postpartum swimsuits

6 Anne Cole Shirred Bandeau One Piece Swimsuit ($88; annecole.com)

The Anne Cole brand has long been renowned for its comfortable yet sophisticated fashion and flattering silhouettes, so it only makes sense that postpartum mamas would find gems in their swimwear line. This one has a nice rouche in the front that conceals a postpartum pouch, while still flaunting a new mama’s figure.

postpartum swimsuits

7 Ruby Period Swimwear Bundle ($140; rubylove.com)

Originally designed for women on their period, Ruby Wear’s one pieces and bikini bottoms are super convenient for the postpartum mama, who may still be dealing with the not-so-pleasant after-birth discharge known as lochia. Each bottom has a built-in absorbent organic cotton liner that offers maximum absorption and protection against leaks and stains that may come with postpartum incontinence. They offer sizes from XS to 3XL in on-trend designs like bright colors, prints, ruffles, and racer-back cuts.

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"We often receive complimentary products to review at Glam. Each product we feature has been independently selected and reviewed by our editorial team. If you make a purchase using the links included, we may earn a share of the revenue from our affiliate partners."