Balmain Is Bringing Punk To Victoria’s Secret

Photo: Balmain

Victoria's Secret and Balmain, the two most aggressively sexy brands on opposite ends of the price spectrum, are forming a union, the heavily embellished results of which will arrive in stores on November 29, aka the day after the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.

The pieces will make their official debut on the runway, but in the meantime, both brands have been dropping teasers via Instagram, all of which feature studs, sequins, and women with legs longer than my whole body. And thanks to fishnet tights, over-the-knee boots, and strong, '80s-inspired shoulders, it's a much edgier look than we've come to expect from VS, but it may be just what the brand needs to compete with its more bespoke, body-positive competitors.

If you're the kind of person who prefers spikes and studs to silk and lace, then this could be the best Victoria's Secret Fashion Show (and most shoppable collection) yet.