Flip Flop Socks Are A Thing For Those Who Refuse To Swap Out Their Wardrobe For Winter

One of the many reasons to love fall: The temperate weather allows you wear your summertime favorites long past the season’s end. All you have to do is add a layer or two. Sleeveless dress? Style it over a button-down. Short skirts and sweaters? Super cute! Hell, even strappy stiletto heels with socks is a look. But as cold weather creeps up, there’s one item that inevitably gets packed away – flip flops.

Hence, flip flop socks. The solution to those still clinging to their strappy soles. Unlike traditional toe socks, these socks are made specifically to wear with thong sandals, so your feet stay comfy and cozy no matter how cold it gets. They feature a unique toe design that splits down the middle with a smooth seam and snug fit. There are also options with an open toe, should you be so daring.

flip flop socks

Now, we know what you’re thinking: Who in their right mind would wear these? Flip flops shape strong opinions in general, let alone when worn with socks. But it turns out, a lot of people. “I live in Florida where it is seldom cold enough to wear anything but flip flops or sandals…These socks are perfect,” writes one reviewer on Amazon. Another says, “Can wear my flip flops with them for these cold California winters!”

Location aside, consider a number of other practical applications. Going for a pedicure? Walking the dog? Getting ready at the gym? Slip on a pair of these socks to keep your feet from freezing. So what they’re not stylish — they’re practical. With the flip flop socks below, no sandals in your closet have to be set aside for the warmer months.

flip flop socks
flip flop socks
flip flop socks
flip flop socks
flip flop socks
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