Throwback: How To Embrace The Return Of ‘90s Grunge (Video)

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Been outside lately? If so, then you’ve probably noticed that nineties fashion is shaping up to be a force this year. Logo shirts, high-waisted jeans, cargo pants, slip dresses, even fanny packs have taken the street style scene by storm — today’s “It girl” looks a lot like the “heroin chic” girl of the ‘90s grunge movement. “On a deeper level, grunge is more of a personal art where each individual gets to create their own personal look by combining the old and the new,” says fashion blogger Wendy Nguyen. “What I love most is just the creative freedom that comes with grunge.” Follow along as she takes us back in time to explore ‘90s grunge fashion and shares how to get the look right today. Take her advice and add your own edge to this trendy throwback.