How To Wear A Bikini With Confidence, Whatever Your Size Or Shape

Katie Sturino

Photo: c/o Katie Sturino x Bruna Malucelli on CoEdition

If New York City weren’t full of creeps, I would walk around all day in a bikini. The summer temperatures here can make it feel like you’re living in Satan’s underwear — seriously — so the less clothing, the better.

For many women, though, wearing a bikini in public (more along the lines of by the pool or on the beach) is a nightmare. Showing skin can mean facing your deepest physical insecurities. And, this time of year, it is easy to become caught up in what your body “should” or “shouldn’t” look like, according to society’s standards.

But bikinis are incredibly freeing. They come in all shapes and sizes and patterns and finding a great-cut is often more flattering than hiding behind more fabric. Now, don’t get me wrong, if you are someone who just prefers the style of a one piece, by all means go live your life in one. I want to chat with the women who feel bikinis aren’t made for their body type.

The only necessary thing for a “bikini body” is, well, a bikini. When shopping for one, choose a pattern or a color you love, one that makes you happy, complements your skin tone or hair color or feels inspired by a look you liked from your favorite fashion blog. Don’t go for basic black because you think you cannot pull off anything else or that it’s the most “slimming” option.

Katie Sturino

Photo: c/o Katie Sturino x Bruna Malucelli on CoEdition

When you find that bikini you like, never try it on in the fitting room of a store. This setting — the harsh overhead lighting, the distorted mirror, the tight space — actually encourages you to criticize how you look. Instead, take it home or order swimsuits online and try them on in the comfort of your own mirror. Stand in front of your mirror and say “Yes.” You don’t have to scream, “I love my butt” or “My body looks amazing.” But, whatever you do, don’t berate yourself for how you look.

Then, wear the bikini to the pool, to the beach, to the park. Take off your cover up. Stand up. Stretch. Feel the sun on your bare skin. Look around and realize that no one is judging you or telling you to cover up. The only comment you may get is from someone asking where you got your cute swimsuit.

You see, the trick to wearing a two-piece, or anything really, is confidence. Nothing else matters. You are your biggest critic and the only one examining your body with a microscope. Being a certain size, having small hips or a flat stomach, erasing your cellulite or stretch marks — none of this will make you happy. You have to start by letting go of all the negative self-talk and comparison. The girl with the body you “wish” you had also has insecurities — and, believe it or not, might even envy you!

Stop evaluating every inch of your body and start focusing on what makes you feel good. I took this to heart when collaborating with Bruna Malucelli, my favorite swimwear designer, on swimsuits exclusively for CoEdition. Available in sizes 0 to 20, the suits are not only comfortable and supportive but also fun, colorful, and reminiscent of some of my favorite vacations. Most importantly, though, they are all designed to be worn with confidence.

Don’t let your body hold you back from living life to the fullest.

Katie Sturino is a plus-size style influencer, blogger behind The 12ish Style, and founder of MegaBabe.