This Is What A $422 Leather Trash Bag Looks Like

Photo: BIIS

Are your plain old plastic trash bags just not luxe enough? Are you going for that Mary-Kate Olsen circa 2007 high-end hobo look, but finding that disheveled hair and giant Starbucks cups are no longer cutting it? Do you just like to spend money on expensive, slightly amusing items for no real reason? If your answer to any of these questions is yes, Spanish brand BIIS has the item for you: a $422 leather trash bag.

That's right, the aggressively tongue-in-cheek fashion market that brought us Balenciaga's platform Crocs and car mat skirt, Moschino's dry cleaning bag dress, and Dolce & Gabbana's $110 box of pasta has produced yet another meme-worthy creation, which was first noted by Cosmopolitan.

“It is made in quality Spanish leather but looks like a real plastic trash bag,” reads a description on BIIS's website. Indeed, it does look exactly like a regular old trash bag, as evidenced by an image on the brand's Instagram page of the bag laying amidst its lower-class brethren and blending in impeccably. BIIS, which primarily makes jewelry, also produces high-end versions of other everyday items like paper clips, soda tabs, and hood ornaments.

And while dropping $422 on something that looks exactly like something that typically costs, like, $14.99 for a pack of 50 does seem (and totally is!) absurd, the more you look at this pleasantly minimalist, Pop art-inspired creation, can't you kind of see it dangling off your own arm, much to the delight and confusion of all those boring regular people with their boring regular bags? Or is that just me? Well, go ahead and call me Oscar the (very chic) Grouch, then.