This $700 Plastic Dress Looks Just Like a Dry Cleaning Bag

moschino dry cleaning

Photo: Moschino

From platform crocs to a $2,365 car mat skirt to all of the things on this list, it's become apparent that the latest trend in high fashion is trolling. Today's prime example of this is Moschino's $735 dry cleaning bag dress, which is—you guessed it!—a dress made to look like a dry cleaning bag. It's see-through, it touts “free pickup and delivery,” and it transforms the wearer's shoulders into the equivalent of a paper hanger cover. Why? Because fashion.

The bag/dress debuted last February as part of the brand's Fall 2017 show in Milan, where designer Jeremy Scott touted a trash-themed collection that also features a trash bag gown, paper bag purses, and literal trash can hats (which are, I must say, very Oscar the Grouch chic). The dress just hit the shelves at British retailer Browns Fashion, where they're quick to warn that it does not come with a slip.

Scott has a long history of producing tongue-in-cheek, thematic creations that lampoon capitalism, the fashion industry, and popular culture, like a Barbie collection, a McDonald's collection, and even a Spongebob Squarepants collection. In fact, after viewing the latter, this little drycleaning dress may look kind of tame to you. But no, it's still ridiculous.

Should you choose to drop $700 on this fashion statement (hey, it's your money), I have just one piece of advice: spring for the slip. Ironically, you probably won't have to worry about bringing it to your dry cleaner, since, you know, it's an actual plastic bag and anything anybody spills on it will slide right off.