Throwback: Raye Boyce On How To Pull Off ‘80s Pop Style (Video)

’80s pop style

‘80s babies, make some noise! Fashion blogger Raye Boyce is here with the ultimate throwback.

One look at street style and you’ll see that ‘80s pop style is back – in a big way. Everything from accessories to blazers to denim seems to take inspiration from the decade’s over-the-top sense of style. Luckily, though, many of the trends making a comeback have been given a modern makeover so you won’t look ridiculous wearing them.

“The ‘80s, one of my favorite decades, was filled with colors, a lot of geometric shapes, and big hair,” Boyce says. “It’s vibrant and loud – that was basically what the ‘80s [were] about.”

Tag along as RayeRaye takes us back to a time when material girl Madonna, king of pop Michael Jackson, and all things rocker chic reigned supreme. With a little digging at a local thrift store, she manages to find outfits that are true to the decade and updated for today. Leather, tutus, acid wash — oh my!

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