5 Reasons to Base Your Fall Wardrobe on ‘Spice World’

Photo: Columbia Pictures

Despite the fact that Spice World came out a full two decades ago, the band is now defunct, and the world is, for better or worse, a very different place than it was in 1997, the film’s sartorial aesthetic somehow feels just as current as ever. Well, parts of it, at least. I’m not going to argue that we should bring back six-inch Union Jack platform boots (RIP), but a quick rewatch reveals that plenty of the film’s biggest trends have indeed cycled back. Which is why, when it comes to fall fashion, we’re taking our cues from the fabulous fivesome and their silver screen debut. Keep scrolling for five reasons why Spice World fashion resonates today. 

Because it’s all Gucci

Remember that iconic scene when the girls are getting ready in their crazy double-decker tour bus? Posh has trouble deciding whether to wear the “the little Gucci dress, the little Gucci dress, or the little Gucci dress,” as Sporty so eloquently puts it? Well, such a quandary couldn’t be more relevant in 2017, when the Gucci obsession that’s been building over the past few years feels like it’s reached a fever pitch. And, sure, Alessandro Michele’s creations for the label are more likely to be maxi-length and festooned with appliques and ruffles than they are to resemble the Tom Ford-designed black minis beloved by Posh. But the fact still stands: It’s a Gucci world, and we’re just living in it.

Because athleisure is here to stay

Who could have predicted that Sporty Spice, ostensibly the least fashion-focused of the group, would end up being the biggest trendsetter? Her look, which usually included items like three-stripe Adidas pants, sports bras worn as tops, and sneakers, has been riffed on by everyone from Alexander Wang to Stella McCartney, and models of the moment like the Hadid Sisters and Kendall Jenner regularly step out in high-end versions of Sporty’s signature look. If you're looking to cop it for yourself, we suggest a vintage-inspired Adidas tee and, if you're feeling daring, perhaps even a pair of those chunky Balenciaga sneakers people can't stop talking about

Because we dare to hair

The Spice Girls could rock a statement hairstyle like nobody’s business, and if you’re bored of alternating between boring standbys like “hair down” and “messy bun,” look no further for inspiration. Scary Spice’s adorable space buns have seen a revival recently thanks to people like Miley Cyrus and Kendall Jenner rocking them at music festivals and on red carpets (they also made an appearance on the runway at Anna Sui), while the gang’s signature high ponytails feel like every celeb’s ‘do of choice as of late. Oh, and Posh’s angular, pin-straight bob? Well, that’s always in style.

Because it's (thigh) high time

Like our other ‘90s fashion icon Cher Horowitz, the Spice Girls got major mileage out of knee-high socks, and it’s hard to imagine an accessory that feels more classically fall. They’ve made recent appearances on the runway at Undercover, Fenty Puma, and Miu Miu paired with everything from babydoll dresses to puffer jackets, and can be used to create the “lampshade” look that so many fashion experts have declared is it right now. If socks aren’t your thing, just sub in tall boots, et voila! ‘90s by way of 2017.

Suit up and jump on it

Scary and Sporty both had an affinity for suits, jumpsuits, and even coordinating separates that provided a jumpsuit-like effect, and since it’s officially pants season, why not follow suit (sorry not sorry) for fall? According to the gospel of regular suit-wearers like the Hadids, the Haim sisters, and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, the first rule of stylish suiting is that it must fit perfectly, but as long as you're cool with making a trip to the tailor, there are plenty of affordable options from contemporary brands like Fleur du Mal, who serves up suiting with a slouchy, '70s vibe. Meanwhile, jumpsuits are easy and can be found anywhere from H&M to Reformation to high-end designers like David Koma and Cushnie et Ochs.