Foodie Flicks on Video


Here are three foodie films available on video now. I’ve chosen them because they are each a little under the radar and it’s possible you might have missed them in the theater.

How to Cook Your Life

How To Cook Your Life is a film about the Zen master, cook, baker and cookbook author Edward Espe Brown. In it you see the connection between cooking, Zen buddhism and being mindful in and out of the kitchen. A thoughtful film with a spiritual side.

In Search of the Heart of Chocolate
This sweet film is as much about chocolate as it is the people who are obsessed with it. There are luscious scenes of chocolate and interviews with all sorts of chocolate lovers. Bits of animation, documentary footage and even family photos come together in this short, but funny and very entertaining film.

Monet’s Palate
Monet’s Palate is a bit of a smorgasboard. It explores Monet’s passion for art and for fine cuisine especially in regards to Normandy where he spent the latter part of this life. In addition to an art collector, art historian and a culinary consultant, the film also features various chefs and restaurateurs–Roger Verge, Alice Waters, Michel Richard, Anne Willan, and Daniel Boulud among others.

——-Amy Sherman

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