10 Goodies Under $10 On Prima Donna


Now that we’ve emerged (relatively) unscathed by Fashion Week chaos, it’s time to start shopping based on the inspiration we’ve gained. And even though we saw gorgeous luxe clothing items and accessorieseverywhere, we’re looking for ways to up the ante in or closet without damaging our bank accounts (too much). For this reason, we’re heading to Prima Donna’s website, where jewelry and other fashionable accessories are completely affordable and aptly trendy. Check out our list of 10-Under-10 must-haves from this bargain-filled site!

  1. Ostrich Print Jet Set Passport Holder Blue, $9.99.
  2. Baila Bangle Trio Gold, $9.99.
  3. IvyScript Monogram Necklace, $7.99.
  4. Call Me Maybe Leopard Print iPhone Case Brown, $9.99.
  5. Chevron Stack Ring, $7.99.
  6. Jasmine Ring-to-Wrist Bracelet Gold, $6.99.
  7. Belize Makeup Pouch, $9.99.
  8. Classic Infinity Scarf, $9.99.
  9. Button Bling Studs Black/Silver, $4.99.
  10. Raining Chains Ear Cuff Gold, $7.99.