10 July 4th Cocktails to Lift Your American Spirit


The 4th of July is sight around the corner, and one detail that can be lost in the shuffle of planning a celebration is easily the cocktail. Whether you’re having fireworks and a bonfire on the beach or an easy backyard barbeque, you can leave the beer in the cooler with any of these delectable drinks. Raise your glass and your flag this fourth. Happy Birthday, America!

POM Patriot

1 ½ oz. SKYY Vodka
1 oz. Fresh Lemon Juice
1 oz. Pomegranate Juice
½ oz. Agave Nectar
1 ½ oz. Ginger Beer
½ oz. Cold Water

Pour all ingredients in a bottle and close with a metal cap. Chill before serving.

The Firecracker

2 parts Skinnygirl Cucumber Vodka
2 parts low-sodium tomato juice
Splash of fresh lemon juice
Squeeze of fresh lime juice
Dash of Worcestershire sauce (to taste)
Dash of hot sauce
Sprinkle of celery salt
Cucumber wheel
Lime wedge

Build all of the ingredients over ice in a highball glass. Garnish with the lime, cucumber, and celery salt.

Old Glory Punch

375ml Belvedere Lemon Tea
100ml Almond Syrup
175ml Lemon juice
700ml Green tea

*For a single cocktail:
1.5 oz Belvedere Lemon Tea
½ almond syrup
¾ oz lemon juice
3 oz green tea

Build all ingredients in a pitcher, punchbowl, or highball glass 9for the single cocktail) over ice. Garnish with lemon wheels and blueberries.

Cali Spark

2 oz Caliche Rum
3/4 oz Lime juice
1/2 oz Agave nectar
3 watermelon cubes approximately 1 square inch.
2 oz sparkling dry wine. (Any dry Prosseco or Cava)
Fresh Watermelon for garnish.

Muddle the watermelon cubes in a cocktail shaker and add the remaining ingredients, save for the sparkling wine. Add ice and shake until well chilled. Strain the cocktail into a highball glass over ice and garnish with watermelon.

Big Blue

1 ½ oz. SKYY Vodka
2 oz. Fresh Squeezed Lime Juice
½ oz. Triple Sec
1 oz.Simple Syrup
½ oz. Blue Curacao
½ oz. Water
4 Blackberries

Mix all of the ingredients in a cocktail shaker and pour over crushed ice. Garnish with a skewer of blackberries.

Independence Sparkler

1 oz. Cruzan Strawberry Rum
1 oz. Cruzan Aged Light Rum
1 half of a Lime, cut into quarters
6 Basil leaves
Soda Water
½ oz. Sugar

Muddle the lime and basil with sugar in a cocktail shaker. Add the rums and ice, and shake. Pour into a rocks glass and top with the soda water. Garnish a basil top and a fanned strawberry slice.

Black Cherry American Dream

1 ½ oz. EFFEN Black Cherry Vodka
¾ oz. Dekuyper Peachtree Snapps Liqueur
1 ½ oz. Organic Apple Juice
½ oz. Lemon Juice
3 Basil Leaves

Combine all ingredients in a cocktail shaker over ice. Shake and strain into a highball glass over ice, and garnish with a cherry and peach slice.

UV Liberty

1 oz. UV Blue
1 oz. Raspberry sherbet
1 oz. Lemon-lime soda

Build all ingredients over ice in a lowball glass

Van Gogh Skinny Lemonade

2 oz. of Van Gogh BLUE Vodka
4 oz. of Crystal Light Lemonade (dissolve packet into water bottle before mixing)

Combine ingredients in a cocktail shaker over ice, shake vigorously, and strain into a glass.

Whiskey Park’s Blueberry Scone

1 1/2 oz. Stoli Vanilla
1/2 oz. Bailey’s Irish Crème
1/2 oz. Half & Half
20+ Blueberries
Splash of Simple Syrup
Dash of Cinnamon Powder
1 Cinnamon Stick

Muddle 15 blueberries and add the simple syrup, Stoli, Bailey’s, half & half, and a dash of cinnamon to a cocktail shaker. Add 1 scoop ice, 5 blueberries, shake well, and pour into rocks glass. Garnish with 1 cinnamon stick, blueberries, and dash of cinnamon.